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Bombing Empty
PostSubject: Bombing   Bombing Icon_minitimeFri May 09, 2008 7:50 am

If any of you better pilots have any good techniques or suggestions on bombing you're willing to share please post them.
I took these screenshots after practicing different dive angles and where the target needs to be at the point of bomb release and these work pretty good for me.
I think the key is keeping the target on the verticle line hanging down from the center circle, near the center circle for low-angle approach and closer to the curved hash-mark thing for steeper dives. Even if I'm slightly rolled to the right or left, keeping the target on that line hanging down from the center circle is usually a hit.
Also dont pull back on the stick until the bombs are away from the jet.
Someone start a thread on rocket aiming/dogfifgting please.

Low angle, no roll
Bombing Lowanglenoroll

Steep angle slight roll left
Bombing Steepangleslightrollleft

low angle hard roll left
Bombing Lowanglehardrollleft

This will overshoot the target at higher speeds
Bombing Lowangleovershoot

medium angle no roll
Bombing Mediumanglenoroll2

medium angle no roll
Bombing Mediumanglenoroll

medium angle slight roll left
Bombing Mediumangleslightrollleft

Steep angle no roll
Bombing Steepanglenoroll

Bombing Sattercopy-1edit1-2
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