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A dude went into the drug store and asked to buy a rubber.
The clerk told him he doesn't sell rubbers one at a time, he
only sells packages of 6, 8 or 12. The dude asks why. The
clerk said, "Well I don't make any money off these things
but I carry them for my regular customers anyway and that's
how they buy them." The dude asks, "But why 6, 8 or 12?" The
clerk said, "Well, those packs of six are for my Mexican
customers. You know they do it six days a week and rest on
the Sabbath." He asked, "What about the pack of eight?" The
clerk said, "For my Black customers. You know they do it
seven days a week and twice on Sunday." He asked, "And the
packs of twelve?" The clerk said, "That's for my white
customers. You know, January, February, March, ...

A Joke a day....
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