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 How to setup Ventrilo

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How to setup Ventrilo Empty
PostSubject: How to setup Ventrilo   How to setup Ventrilo Icon_minitimeMon Mar 02, 2009 7:16 pm

First, you need to download the client program from.


Install it, run it and follow these instructions for setup.

How to setup Ventrilo 1stventstep

Cick Ok buttons.

How to setup Ventrilo 2ndventstep

Cick Ok button and write this info.

How to setup Ventrilo 3rdventstep

Click Setup

How to setup Ventrilo 4thventstep

Now you need to define the key you will use in your keyboard to talk.
Don't define "v" or "b" or any key you use while in game.
Click with your mouse the hotkey box and press the key you want to use.

How to setup Ventrilo 5thventstep

That's it.
Now just press connect.

How to setup Ventrilo B_560x95
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How to setup Ventrilo
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