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 Yo it's Bargain08

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PostSubject: Yo it's Bargain08   Yo it's Bargain08 Icon_minitimeFri Apr 17, 2009 2:35 am

Hello everyone, expecially you MULLET Smile. I was just checking in. I've been through alot in the last four months, that's my reason for not being on. There's many stories and life leasons and self-realizations. Most resently has been an very similar story to TATOOED's daughter, I was bit by my oldest dog across the face...needing 21 stitches. 12 year old lab-retriever that was deaf...I was giving her a kiss on the head for her 12th birthday when she got startled and bit me. We had to put her down two days later. This happend three weeks ago and the wounds are closed but still tender with scar tissue.

My rant could go on forever I bet, I talked Mullets ear off for about an hour or more on the phone a month ago when I was on spring break at my grandparents house just outside Sarasota, Florida. And I don't think we talked about the half of everything I'd been up to. Next time I have spare time to run up to my Apt. I'll grab my game disk and headphones so I can atleast talk, and maybe play. But right now I spend afternoon with my girlfriend then delivery drive from 5 to 10pm then hopefully in a week, get a third shift job...one for spending cash then the other for savings :-).

OK, lol, I'll ttyl,

Love You all,

Nic (my real name)
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Yo it's Bargain08
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