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 Wake Island Server Rules

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PostSubject: Wake Island Server Rules   Wake Island Server Rules Icon_minitimeTue Dec 18, 2007 12:22 pm

Welcome to our =xXx= TripleX Clan Wake Island server!

Please read the following so you'll know what is expected of you:


* Intentional TK's, recruiting, glitching, stat-padding, hacking, blocking runway and/or destroying an air asset in order to prevent a teammate from getting it first will get you kicked, then permanently banned;
* Commanders are to command and support their troops, not fly. The use of a transport chopper to get to Island and/or cap flags is allowed;
* Infantry may attack carrier at anytime and by any means;
* Once piloting a stolen air asset while on the carrier, though, you are no longer "infantry" and cannot attack while USMC is not in control of at least one flag;
* While USMC controls no flags, enemy Gunners in grounded air assets on the carrier are still considered infantry. This means sitting in the Cobra's gunner seat and killing enemy on the carrier is allowed;
* Air attack assets/arty may attack carrier only while USMC holds at least one flag;
* While USMC controls no flags, Chinese attack choppers and jets are not to cross Arty Island;
* While USMC controls no flags, any USMC air asset is fair game once airborne and off the carrier (even hovering) - that is, providing they have been seen and targeted from the Arty Island invisible wall;
* Once engaged always engaged. This means, returning to the carrier does not provide a "safe" haven for any USMC air asset. Be aware, though, that once engaged your enemy can follow you to the carrier and destroy you, which means that your returning to the carrier while engaged is done so at the risk of both your own and your teammates peril;
* While engaged and in pursuit of an enemy to the carrier, you must attack only that specific enemy. Attacking another enemy while at the carrier is considered "base-raping" and will get you kicked, including the attacking of the ESSEX guns and/or its commander assets;
* Scouting pass-by runs of the carrier in air attack assets are not permitted while USMC controls no flags;
* A neutral flag is not considered a "controlled" flag as it does not provide an alternative spawn point on the Island;
* Chinese airbase, including jet/helipad spawn, is fair game at all times, so kill away;
* If you are an inexperienced pilot and/or gunner, stay out of valuable air attack assets while allowing more experienced teammates to take control;
* Should you deem yourself proficient at piloting and/or gunning, your performance will dictate your fate. We warn/kick/ban for the repeated wasting of valuable air attack assets, so be forewarned;
* C-4 vehicle jihad is allowed;
* Intentional ramming in an air asset is not allow; however, abandoning an air asset or "darting (i.e., using a J10 as a dart) in order to kill an enemy is permitted;
* DO NOT punish for accidental TK's. Not ever.
* This is a "free speech" server and while foul language is permitted, the use of racist and/or bigoted comments are not. Leave that ugly shit at home, don't bring it to our server!
* Friendly fire is on -- and yes, claymores, mines, bombs, artillery and hand grenades actually do kill fellow troops. Go figure!
* By depressing the "Alt" key you can instantly locate nearby friendly mines and claymores. If you are too dumb and/or too lazy to push a button, do not punish for your being team killed -- BECAUSE YOU DESERVE IT!

However, the placing of mines and/or clays at friendly spawn points, both infantry and vehicle, is a punishable offense, so place your mines and clays wisely while alerting teammates to their presence and location!

*Last flag capture: USMC players must use their best efforts in attempting to capture the last Chinese flag. Raping the last remaining base will not be tolerated as it only serves in emptying out the server while compromising future play. Should raping occur while no attempts are made to capture the flag, offending players may be kicked and/or banned for continued abuse;


* You are to conduct yourself in a dignified and respectful manner at all times, while respecting others, particularly =xXx= Clan members.

* The acts of mindless children behaving like animals will not be tolerated, so be forewarned.


* Disrespect of our clan and/or server
* Intentional TKs
* Force TKs
* Blocking Runway
* Destroying an air asset in order to prevent a teammate from getting it first
* Flying Commanders
*Intentional ramming in an air asset, i.e., Kamikaze with Jet or Choppers; but abandoning one in order to kill is permitted.
* Wasting valuable air assets in any way, particularly before learning how to fly, which you should do on your time in an empty server -- and not our time and at the expense of your teammates;
* Racist/bigoted comments/remarks/insinuations.


Once the Chinese team is down to its last remaining flag, and provided such flag is not the airbase, the following rules apply where base rape is concerned:

1. No artillery, jets or attack choppers shall rape any last flag other than the airbase;

2. Artillery, jets and attack choppers may only be used to compromise escaping infantry, vehicles, swimmers, etc., and provided such infantry, vehicles and/or swimmers are no longer on the any last remaining base other than the airbase.

3. USMC must use its best efforts to utilize ground forces, i.e, tanks, vehicles, snipers and infantry to cap any last remaining flag other than the airbase.

4. Once LAST FLAG PENALTY is declared any violations of the rules above will result in kicks/bans without further warning -- the first player to be kicked shall be the USMC player with the highest score, followed by any offending player/s guilty of raping any last remaining flag other than the airbase while in LAST FLAG PENALTY.


* Any repeated abuse of the above.


* Be advise that we have a "two strike" policy, without exception. Should we find that you are incapable of learning after your first "warning/kick" upon your demonstrating a similar behavior a second offense, you will be permanently banned, thus enabling you to go and behave like a mindless animal elsewhere. This is your only "Second Strike" warning.

All =xXx= and =***= Clan members are Admins whose goal is to provide and ensure an exciting and enjoyable gaming experience and environment to one and all.

Conduct yourself accordingly and enjoy!

Now lock'n load!
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Wake Island Server Rules
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